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Shop with compassion with our eco-friendly Born Free USA tote baga

BFUSA's Plush Animal Collection

We know you are far too respectful of exotic animals to ever have one as a "pet." Or to wear their fur as a fashion statement. Or to hunt them for fun or for their "parts."

But we understand that you love them! Which is why we are happy to bring pretend versions of some of nature's most wonderful creatures lions, tigers, bears, elephants, cockatiels, primates and foxes into our online store so that you can have these plush animals in your home or at your office.

Each measures more than 12 inches tall (Freedom the cockatoo boasts a 23-inch wing span!) and not only are they cute and cuddly, they also remind us why we work to keep the real wild animals in the wild. That's because each plush comes with little fun facts (nothing graphic) about some of the issues the species face in the wild. So the plush animals are a great gift for a young compassionate conservationist in the making. You can order using the form below.

They're cute, but they still are wild! The $18 price includes free shipping.

Note: You can buy more than one plush animal per order. Once you have made your first choice below and hit "Continue," on the next page simply click on the "Back" button, which will return you here to select a second toy.

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