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The Life in My Years

By Virginia McKenna, OBE (2009)
Foreword by Joanna Lumley

Will Travers writes:

I have been hoping for many years that my mother, Virginia McKenna, would write a book about her life. In fact, I was beginning to lose hope that it would ever happen ...

But everything has a time and a place and so I was delighted when, in 2007, she actually sat down and started putting pen to paper (yes, it was all in longhand).

I was even more delighted with the result!

There are lots of wonderful books out there about people with interesting lives and stories to tell but — call me biased — Virginia's book really is about the life in her years.

The vibrant family, her childhood, her poetry, her views, her film and stage career, her adventures with and powerful love for my late father Bill. The animals (lions, elephants, tigers, dolphins and leopards all loom large), the people, the compassion. It's all there, layered, complex and disarmingly simple at the same time.

The many pictures are more than just fragments of life in visual form. They are, at the same time, tender and challenging, joyful and sad ... often funny (who can forget my Great Uncle Peter with a white squirrel on his head?).

I hope people will enjoy a good read, share a lifelong journey, hear a unique voice. I also hope that they will be more than a little inspired. Life is a wonderful gift.

Mum's cup is full to the brim. Cheers!

Will Travers

Will and Virginia Travers — 2005

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