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Estate and Planned Giving

Artist-Signed 'El Tigre' Mural

Sacramento's downtown has gone wild. Local painter and mural artist Alex “Cabrón” Forster created “El Tigre” on a 17-foot-by-85-foot exterior wall our headquarters on the corner of S and 12th streets. The original, dramatic mural of a tiger’s face looking between the bars of a cage was created by Cabrón exclusively for Born Free USA, a leader in animal welfare and wildlife conservation.

Now you can own an artist-signed, 8-by-10-inch poster of the mural for just $10!

“I chose to paint a tiger because it’s probably the most charismatic of all big cats, besides being an endangered species. Its unique pattern and partially closed eyes add character and mystique," Cabrón says. "The cage bars give it drama and lend a certain edge. It shows the issues Born Free USA addresses about captivity and cruelty, plus it signifies freedom in a poignant way. The tiger could be seen as behind the bars of a cage, or it’s the viewers who are imprisoned by their own ‘mental’ prison of their views on wildlife."

Watch Cabrón as he paints the mural — in just three and a half minutes! (OK, we're using time-lapse for this video.)

Read Will Travers' blog about the mural's celebration gala!

See a local TV news report about the mural.

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