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Help Save Turtles and Dugongs inTanzania!

Help Save Turtles and Dugongs inTanzania!

Sea Sense is a Tanzanian organization that protects dugongs and sea turtles off the eastern coast of Africa. Born Free USA has provided Sea Sense with support for several years.

Sea Sense conducts both research and outreach programs. Its collection of data on sea turtle and dugong population sizes, incidents of egg poaching, and other information has been extremely helpful in guiding conservation projects. Armed with scientific data, Sea Sense has successfully educated local communities about threats to sea turtles and protecting their nests.

Sea Sense works closely with the University of Dar es Salaam and other regional organizations. Along with educational and conservation efforts, Sea Sense encourages locals to become involved in eco-tourism. When locals benefit from tourists coming to see the marine animals, incentives are greater to maintain the animals' habitats.

Please consider making a donation to Sea Sense so that you can help dugongs and sea turtles.

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