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Help Primates in Zambia Return to the Wild!

Help Primates in Zambia Return to the Wild!

Primates, such as baboons and vervet monkeys, are common victims of Zambian hunters ó and the species on which the Zambia Primate Projectís work focuses. Giving rescued primates the help they need to have a second chance at life in the wild, this small yet remarkable project makes a huge contribution to wildlife conservation.

Funding from Born Free USA has secured a regular visit by a qualified wildlife veterinary doctor to be made to the sanctuary for a full day once every six weeks. The vet, along with carrying out routine health monitoring, examines all primates in the sanctuaryís care, and conducts training for the animal caregivers on nutrition, hygiene, handling and more.

The majority of released primates integrate extremely well back into the wild and are able to forage and fend for themselves, living a truly free life. In 2008, 98 percent of released primates survived life in the bush.

Please consider making a donation to help with the rescue, rehabilitation and release of primates in Zambia.

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