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Support the Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon

Support the Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon

A long-term partner of Born Free, Limbe Wildlife Centre is a wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and reintroduction/release project in Cameroon. Founded in 1993 by the government of Cameroon and the Pandrillus Foundation, the center aims to protect endangered species of Cameroon by caring for confiscated wildlife (including several species of monkeys, gorillas, reptiles, and birds) and by collaborating with the local and international community. The center focuses on veterinary care, conservation education, community programs, and much more: vital steps toward the eventual end of the exotic pet and "bushmeat" trades.

Born Free USA members have raised thousands of dollars to support the Limbe Wildlife Centre and one of its major projects: the rehabilitation and release of captured African grey parrots back into the wild, where they belong.

In the past couple of years, authorities in the west-central African country of Cameroon have intercepted more than 1,000 endangered African grey parrots who had been taken from the wild by criminals engaged in the international pet trade. Captured in nets and stuffed into tiny crates, the terrified birds were deprived of food and water and forced to stand in their own waste. Many were trampled to death in their crowded crates, or subsequently died from the injuries they sustained in being captured and transported. Instead of the surviving parrots being laundered back into the pet trade, they have been handed over to the Limbe Wildlife Centre.

Please help Limbe Wildlife Centre provide the highest quality of care for its rescued wildlife, and ensure that the center can continue to educate the community about the importance of conservation.

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