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Protect Ethiopian Wolves from Extinction!

Protect Ethiopian Wolves from Extinction!

In an attempt to prevent the looming extinction of the Ethiopian wolf, one of the world's rarest carnivores, Born Free USA has waged an extensive campaign to vaccinate them against rabies. (We also have arranged for hippopotamuses in Kenya, who are threatened by starvation due to persistent drought conditions, to be provided with supplement food.)

One of the most beautifully patterned and handsome of wild dogs, the Ethiopian wolf is down to only a few hundred animals, although that is more than there were a few years ago when it was listed as critically endangered. The species still officially is listed as being at risk, particularly from a new threat, rabies, a fatal and transmittable disease that was brought into the region by domestic dogs, which in turn were brought by people.

Please consider making a donation to help us do all we can to ensure the long-term survival and growing repopulation of the Ethiopian wolf.

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