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Trapping Victims Fund

Trapping Victims Fund

Help Born Free USA cover the cost of veterinary care for individual animals impacted by cruel traps.

Body-gripping traps leghold traps, snares, and kill-type Conibears are the inhumane tools of the fur and wildlife damage control trades. These traps are indiscriminate and cause indescribable suffering and death to millions of animals in the United States each year.

The Trapping Victims Fund is available for specific and immediate emergency veterinary care for companion animals or wildlife impacted by traps, and for specific costs associated with rehabilitating and releasing a wildlife trapping victim back into the wild.

Already we have been able to help with the veterinary care of a dog (Dover, in North Carolina) and cat (Valiant, in Maryland) who were the non-targeted victims of cruel traps that left them both disfigured. They are recovering, however, and you can help sponsor the care and rehabilitation of other such innocent creatures by donating to the Trapping Victims Fund.

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