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Estate and Planned Giving

Become a Monthly Primate Sustainer

Become a Monthly Primate Sustainer

Becoming a Monthly Primate Sustainer is a great way to support the efforts at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary by dividing your generous donation into smaller increments.

You'll give our Sanctuary residents the gift of a brighter tomorrow and make a difference in primates' lives. Your donation helps us provide food, care and rehabilitation to these individuals.

When you sign up as a Monthly Primate Sustainer (for as little as $10 per month), you also receive a certificate of adoption with a biography and full-color, framed photo of your chosen primate. You'll receive the semi-annual newsletter, The Primate Post, and get your name printed in the newsletter to thank you for your gift and to welcome you to our Primate Sustainer group.

Your adoption donation is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law, and we will provide you with a receipt for your records. To learn more about the Sanctuary and these wonderful animals, visit www.bornfreeusa.org/sanctuary. If you have any questions regarding your donation, please contact us.

Would you like to adopt a primate on behalf of a friend or family member? Find out more about Gift Adoptions.

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