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Prairie's Fund

Prairie's Fund

At the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary, we have plenty of meows to feed.

That's right, meows. As in cats, of which we have dozens! Over the years people have dumped feral felines they've captured (and their unwanted pets) here in hopes we would open our gates and care for the little fur balls. We did, and we do!

One of the cats we call Prairie. She's a short-haired tabby who likes to no surprise, considering her species! kick back and watch everything go down from a safe distance. Sweet, but wild like the tall prairie grass that waves in a summer breeze

We've still got a ways
to go to our 2013 goal!

Cats don't graze, and even if they did, Texas shrub wouldn't be their kind of grub. So we have to feed the cats, and that costs money. We also provide them with veterinary care when needed again, not a small expense.

So in light of that extra expense we have established Prairie's Fund. Our goal is to raise $8,000 this year. By making a generous donation, you will help ensure that we have enough funds to pay for our cats' care and for their monkey neighbors, too.

Everybody wins with Prairie's Fund!

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