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'Prime Mate' Gift Adoption

'Prime Mate' Gift Adoption

There's no gift quite like this one: Sponsor a loved one's "adoption" of a Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary resident and not only will she or he receive the usual "Adopt a Primate" goodies, but also a personalized "Prime Mate" gift card and a plush animal Lucy! (Lucy is pictured at right.) All for just $65, a savings of more than $5 if the items were purchased separately!

The Primate Sanctuary, located in Dilley, Texas, offers more than 600 nonhuman primates many of whom were rescued from abusive situations in laboratories, roadside zoos and private possession a far more natural life.

You may choose to adopt any of six monkeys each of whom has his or her own Welcome Kit complete with biography, full-color photo, certificate of adoption and the semi-annual newsletter, The Primate Post. Plus the "Prime Mate" gift card and plush animal!

Adoption Fee: $65 annually

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