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Estate and Planned Giving

Brochure: Coexisting with Beavers (25 Pack)

Beavers are superb engineers their ability to change the landscape is second only to humans. The dams built by beavers play a key role in the creation of wetland habitats which in turn prevent erosion, purify water, control flooding, and combat global climate change.

Because many human dwellings, neighborhoods, and towns have been built close to rivers or streams, or even on top of wetlands and in flood plains, sometimes steps are needed to modify the important habitat engineering work performed by beavers.

When conflicts arise, working with the beaver is most often the best solution. Allowing established beavers to remain while addressing the specific problem (for example, flooded roads or tree cutting) provides a long-term solution and preserves the many beaver benefits

This brochure describes non-lethal control of beavers, including controlling flooding, protecting trees, and other concerns, using baffling, tree wrapping, fencing, and other techniques.

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