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Circus Demonstration Kit

Spread the message! Call to order our circus demonstration kit that includes posters, flyers, a circus ad and a circus-specific fact sheet. Or download the flyer, ad and all circus fact sheets to print now.

Circus-specific fact inserts are available for:

  • Carson & Barnes
  • Circus Gatti
  • Cole Brothers Circus
  • Shrine Circus

Here are a few suggestions on how to use these materials:

Hang the posters at your office, at schools, libraries, grocery stores, retail shops, hair salons, restaurants, coffee shops, animal hospitals, community bulletin boards and anywhere the public can see. Always be polite and remember to ask before hanging material on private property.

Gather fellow activists and peacefully protest the next circus in your area by handing out the flyers. In addition, many circuses ask stores and restaurants to place stacks of their circus coupons on the counter; you can do the same with the flyers. Encourage the store manager to take a compassionate stand for the animals by providing counter space for anti-circus flyers rather than providing space for animal circus coupons. Always be polite and remember to ask permission before leaving the flyers.

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