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Child's Circus Brochure

They say "out of the mouths of babes."

Well, she may not be a baby, but 12-year-old Julia Davis is a smart kid who really knows right from wrong. Our CEO, Will Travers was so deeply impressed with her leaflet about circuses (yes, she co-wrote and even illustrated it herself!) that he asked for it to be turned into a key campaign tool to alert young people to the cruelty elephants endure under the big top.

Families go to the circus because of kids. So what if a kid tells it like it is? Reveals the suffering elephants endure? It carries more weight. It gets more attention. Kids everywhere will read Julia's thoughts and get it. Adults too!

So you can get your free copy today or better yet, order a package to hand out at your school, soccer club, scout group, or any youth group. Share it with your friends. Parents and adults, take a stack to your next PTA meeting and let everyone know why circuses are not family fun or educational. And say it with the words of a child.

This brochure is "from a kid to a kid," containing facts about elephants in the wild vs. elephants in the circus; told in kid friendly terms. It also contains a few games as well as a tear off panel to give to parents or guardians explaining why animal circuses don't make a good family outing.

You may order this item in packs of 25 for $6.00 per pack. Just use the form below.

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